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Please click here to download a pdf copy of the ICWCI CPD record form. For a word version please click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD), sometimes referred to as 'Lifelong Learning', is something that all professionals, regardless of the nature of their work, are involved with virtually every day.
All practicing members (not retired members or honorary grades) are required to carry out the ICWCI mandatory minimum of 18 hours of CPD per annum.

A sensible, structured and worthwhile programme of self-development will not only help you personally, but will also help to demonstrate that you have continued to maintain your employability and value throughout your career.

CPD is not necessarily all about formal learning. Recognised sources of advice and information are many and varied. Here are a few which are of specific interest and relevance to ICWCI members:

Chapters/Meeting Centres/Branches:

The corner stone of the Institute, Meeting Centres/Chapters/Branches are regionally based and normally meet monthly to discuss various professional and social issues. They are an excellent arena for bringing professional topics to the attention of other, like-minded professionals. They seek to enhance the relevance of their meetings with monthly presentations from commercial or other concerns that are of a general interest to all. These are normally certified events, provided by the lecturer.

Conferences and Seminars:

The Institute holds an annual residential conference weekend, usually in Spring, that covers a variety of professionally related topics, delivered by professional representatives of the given subject.

Each of the ICWCI regions will regularly host seminars. Please visit our calendar to find out what's happening near you.

Site Recorder: 

The Institute’s monthly magazine provides regular features on technical and professional matters.


The Institute has a system of “mentoring” to provide assistance and advice to members who require guidance in developing their professional knowledge and skills. With today’s technology, mentoring can be maintained by regular contact via telephone and e-mails.


With modern technology and the major advances in communications, the internet is now a very useful and reliable resource for gathering information. Many websites prove to be invaluable, particularly in keeping up to date with changes in the construction industry.

ICWCI members can access further information, including CPD templates, via the Member's Area.